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Deadly Fungus Infection Spreading in the U.S. Gives Fears of a ‘The Last of Us’ Style Outbreak

Spoiler Alerts!

With the popularity of HBO’s “The Last of Us,” once again viewers were immersed into a post-apocalyptic world where modern civilization had collapsed and was now essentially made up of independent groups, gangs, and zombie-type creatures called “clickers”. It is revealed that the cause of humans turning was a fungus, specifically the cordyceps fungus, that contaminated the worlds flour supply and then adapted to infect and take over the human mind and body. Typically, fungi like the cordyceps, cannot infect humans because they have not yet evolved to survive in such warm temperatures as the human body. But in the show, due to warming global temperatures, the cordyceps fungus was able to evolve to survive warmer temperatures, thus gaining the ability to infect human bodies.

The CDC is now warning that cases of infection caused by the Candida Auris fungus is on the rise across the U.S. So should we be worried about finding ourselves in a zombie apocalypse soon? Not likely. This yeast-like fungal infection will not take over your mind and body like the Last of Us cordyceps fungus. C. Auris typically causes bloodstream, wound and ear infections. Currently it seems that individuals that are most at risk are people being treated in hospital settings. Experts are concerned because this fungus does not respond to common antifungal drugs used to treat similar types of infections. So unless you are currently hospitalized or in a medical treatment facility, there is no need for you to worry.

Although dangerous fungal infections are increasing due to a warming climate, for now it is safe to keep your emergency supplies locked up and save them for the next impending zombie apocalypse.


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